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Area covered by EMMA2

Area covered by EMMA2

The European Mammal Foundation has launched its long term and large-scale project, European Mammals on Maps (EMMA2), and calls for donations and sponsors to help reach its goals.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To determine the distribution of around 270 mammal species in Europe, covering an area of 11.442.500 km², and, using these data, publish the Atlas of European Mammals (2nd edition) in 2024. In the Atlas, for each species, there will be a beautiful colour photograph, a distribution map and a short text with interesting information on the species, written by a specialist. Knowing the distribution of species is essential for their protection;
  2. At the same time, to stimulate and increase scientific research on mammals in Europe.

The project is managed by a Steering Group of 11 professional scientists and conservation managers, coordinating the work of the National Coordinators in 42 countries. The National Coordinators oversee the work carried out at the national level, mainly mammal surveying. Thousands of people throughout Europe are contributing to filling the database. The database will be added to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), and be available for public use.

New nest boxes for the mouse-tailed dormouse project in Bulgaria (Photo: Nedko Nedyalkov)

Nest boxes used to survey dormice (Photo: Nedko Nedyalkov).

Sponsoring is urgently needed to buy materials such as live traps, wildlife cameras and footprint tunnels to identify mammal presence, and to cover other costs. This is especially true to support scientists in countries where hardly any governmental support is available, but which hold the highest species diversity of mammals, many of them endangered.

If you want to help to protect Europe’s mammals, donate now!
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