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Examining owl pellets for prey remains (Photo: Jeroen Mentens / Vilda)

Jeroen Mentens / Vilda

Here you find ideas on how you can take part in ongoing projects and campaigns. You can participate as professional or volunteer. Or, raise funds to support the conservationists and researchers. The mammals need all the help they can get.

Spread the news

As many people as possible should hear about the campaign. Here are some ways you can use to spread the news.

  • Place the logo of the campaign in your media (website, newsletters, magazine) or emails and link it to the website You can download the logo here: logo;

  • Subscribe to the newsletter of the campaign: Subscribe;
  • Like the campaign on Facebook and/or share news and information in the Facebook group;
  • Use the hashtag #discovermammals in your tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook posts about mammals, mammal research and mammal conservation.

We have an ambitious goal with the campaign ‘Discover the mammals of Europe’: to establish a Europe-wide network of mammal researchers and conservationists, working together to strive for viable populations of native mammals. Funding is essential. Become an AMBASSADOR and raise funds for:


Be part of the THINK-TANK. We need specialists in Marketing, Communication, Social-Media, Campaigning and Fundraising. Contact Svetlana Miteva:

Take part in Citizen Science
Vrijwilliger geeft waarneming door met smartphone (Photo: Lars Soerink / Vilda)

Lars Soerink / Vilda

Citizen science is becoming more and more important as a way to gather field data about elusive animals like mammals. Most likely a citizen science project is going on in your country too. Mammals are everywhere in Europe.

In many countries not only scientists collect data, also citizens and non scientific organisations collect data. Actually, without the sightings collected by non-scientists we wouldn’t be able to get overviews of the distribution of mammals. The monitoring of population trends depends on the commitment of volunteers. By including your sightings in one of the portals you deliver an important contribution to the conservation and study of mammals in Europe. Your data will be used for research, advocacy, habitat management and education.

Some ongoing monitoring programmes:

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