Data portals

Red dear (Cervus elaphus) (Photo: Rollin Verlinde / Vilda)

Rollin Verlinde / Vilda

Mammals are everywhere in Europe. Most people cherish an encounter with a wild mammal and store this exciting moment in their memory or notebook. But, there is another way to store your sighting and at the same time contribute to better knowledge about the distribution of mammals in Europe: citizen science portals. In many countries not only scientists collect data, but also citizens and non-scientific organisations collect data. Actually, without the sightings collected by non-scientists, we wouldn’t be able to get countrywide, not to say European-wide overviews of the distributions of mammals. In several countries, the monitoring of population changes almost solely depends on the commitment of volunteers visiting the same places or walking the same transects year after year. By including your sightings in one of the portals you deliver an important contribution to the conservation and study of mammals in Europe. Your data will be used for research, advocacy, habitat management, and education.

Some examples of portals for uploading mammal observations:

There are also mobile apps for Android and iPhone available, like:

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