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Ukrainian Mammal Mapping Conference

In Ukraine more than 120 mammal species are resident, but no one has an overal view of their distribution, let alone know how their populations are doing. The information is scattered in (note) books, data files and museum collections, or it is simply missing.

The Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, the Kiev Zoo and the Ukrainian Biodiversity Information Network are joining forces to gather all available information about the occurrence of mammals in Ukraine in one database. This database will form the basis for the first Mammal Atlas of Ukraine. It will also be the Ukrainian contribution to the new Atlas of European Mammals.

To start this endeavor, a conference will be held in March 2019: the Ukrainian Mammal Mapping Conference (UMC). The main goal of this conference is to gather mammal researchers and mammal watchers in one place, discuss problems of mammal mapping in Europe and in Ukraine, collect mapping data, promote sharing data via biodiversity online-platforms and via citizen science projects, and to select the authors for the species accounts in the Mammal Atlas of Ukraine. People involved in the production of the second Atlas of European Mammals are invited to tell about their experience with national databases and atlasses. Also, the Ukrainian coordinators of the Atlas of Reptiles and Amphibians in Europe and the European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2) will share their experiences.

The conference will be hosted by the Kiev Zoo on 28-29 of March 2019. The Zoo is one of the centers of mammal research and mammal conservation in Ukraine, and has ambitious plans for rapid development. In the breaks between and after the conference lectures, the participants will be able visit the exhibitions in the Zoo. A poster session will be held in one of the halls with mammals, that will allow citizen visitors of the Zoo to learn something about mammals of Ukraine and how they are studied and protected.

The main outcome of the conference will be in the form of datasets presented by contributors from different local universities, nature protection areas and amateur naturalists. During the conference, special attention will be paid to the verification of submitted materials. In theory, this should strongly improve our knowledge and fill as much squares as possible for every species of mammal of Ukraine. The potential number of participants is about 50-70 people.

  1. To gather and verify data on findings of wild mammal species in Ukraine from the period of 1991-2019.
  2. To exchange knowledge and experience with databases and atlasses among Ukrainian and other European mammal specialists.
  3. To set the basis for a Mammal Atlas of Ukraine.
  4. More data available via GBIF and for the second Atlas of European Mammals;
  5. Improve the collaboration between European mammal specialists, bridging the gap between mammal specialists in the furthest corners of Europe and strengthening the long term protection of mammals.

Lesser White-toothed Shrew (Crocidura suaveolens) (Photo: Rollin Verlinde / Vilda)


Registration for this conference is open. Click here to be directed to the registration form: Registration form


€ 8,000.-


28th and 29th of March 2019

Zoogdierenwerkgroep Zuid-Holland (ZWGZH)
European Mammal Foundation
Moby Dick Antiquarian, The Netherlands

Participants of the conference that present the most valuable data on mammal presence and distribution in Ukraine will receive a present. For this we’re looking for sponsors who are willing to donate scientific literature on mammals.

We thank the generous donors who made this project possible. A short report of the conference can be downloaded here (PDF file): Report UMMC 2019

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