Mustelids in the Balkans

The Habitat Foundation is setting up a platform to collate the knowledge about mustelids on the Balkan peninsula. The platform will be the place where researchers, ecologists, volunteers and enthusiasts can combine their strengths for the mustelids in the Balkans. The platform is called Research and Conservation of Mustelids in the Balkans (RCMB). The platform will function as a method to connect those in the Balkans interested in mustelids, provide training, share experiences and discussions, support research and conservation activities, and supply necessary materials such as camera traps. The RCMB also aims to start with a gathering in 2020 on mustelids in the Balkans. Scientists, ecologists, enthusiasts, volunteers and anyone else interested in mustelids from the region will be invited to participate.

Polecat (Mustela putorius) (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)The long term goals of the project are:

  1. To share knowledge with people about the mustelid species;
  2. To connect all those involved;
  3. To cover all mustelid species per country;
  4. To provide methods for performing research;
  5. To support in setting up, arranging the necessary funds and/or materials for research;
  6. To gain the attention of a broader public in the Balkans into mustelids;
  7. To contribute to the support of the conservation of mustelids in the Balkans;
  8. To create an annual workshop, preferably every time in a different Balkan country, where previous and new participants can join to discuss the progress, share new knowledge and learn (new) methods;
  9. To create a common database about mustelids, shared among the participants of the platform.

To start with, a forum has been set up:

Would you like to participate in the project? Feel free to contact us! Write an email to

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