Holohil radio transmitters for Mouse-tailed dormouse

Radio transmitter Holohil DB-2C

Radio transmitter Holohil DB-2C

For more than 35 years Holohil provides state-of-the-art radio-tracking equipment to wildlife researchers. Recently, the company donated 10 transmitters to the Mouse-tailed dormouse project in Bulgaria.

In 2017, Nedko Nedyalkov of the Bulgarian National Museum of Natural History started a research project on the Mouse-tailed dormouse (Myomimus roachi) in southeast Bulgaria. This species was thought to be almost extinct but Nedko rediscovered it in 2017. Since then, he placed several nestboxes, live traps and wildlife cameras to learn more about the species’ behaviour, habitat use and population dynamics. To be able to follow the dormice when they move through their territory, Nedko wanted to have radio transmitters to be attached to the animals. He applied for a grant at Holohil Systems Ltd. You can imagine how happy Nedko was when he heard that his project was elected by the Holohil Grant Review Committee and selected by the Executive Director as the Holohil Grant Program winner for the 2020 second quarter. Nedko will receive 10 BD-2CT transmitters and a featured project web post!

Holohil has more than 35 years experience with producing and applying radio transmitters. The instrument package must cause the least disturbance to the animal to ensure the scientific validity of the resulting data. Holohil consider the well-being of the animal of paramount importance and it does its utmost to produce very light transmitters that cause the least harm to the animal under study.

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