Grant for Atlas update

Maria Demjanchuk explains the working of a bat detector (Photo: Dennis Wansink)The European Mammal Foundation, which underpins the EMMA2 project to prepare a second edition of the Atlas of European Mammals, has a small grants scheme to support data collection and management, particularly in countries where good data on mammal distributions is lacking. In 2020, we have already supported work in Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine, all of which will deliver new data to the European Atlas. Although the amount of funding we can provide is quite limited, it can make a real difference to mammalogists in countries where funding for fieldwork is difficult to find. We try to ensure that the projects we support are quite focussed on collecting data to cover as many atlas grid cells (approx. 50 x 50km) as possible and we hope that this work will significantly increase the value of the European Atlas, which will be published in 2024.

Further details of the project, including a list of organisations that have supported us, can be found on our website

The grant application form can be downloaded here: Grant application form

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