Atlas bats of Albania

Albania published a Bat Atlas. For each of the 32 species, it shows maps with distribution data collected until November 2016. The maps have been built upon the division of the country in a grid of 10*10km square cells. In addition, the Atlas provides descriptions of roosts used by the species, their ecology in the country as well as their key threats.

It was nice to hear and read that the mammal survey of the Field Study Group of the Dutch Mammal Society in Shebenik-Jabllanice in 2015 delivered important data for the atlas for this region of Albania.

Having an atlas doesn’t mean everything about the bats is known. As the Red List of Albania shows, of many bat species the status is unknown because not enough data is available (DD = data deficient). So please, keep on collecting data and upload it to the appropriate web portals.

All data is also stored in the national biodiversity database of Albania (BioNNA):

Red List of the bats of AlbaniaAtlas of bats in Albania

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