Open letter to the European Parliament

Agriculture in the Benelux (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)

Agriculture in the Benelux (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)

The European Mammal Foundation has today joined with other European scientific and conservation organisations to call on the European Parliament to undertake a far-reaching reform of the Common Agriculture Policy.

The EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) continues to fail biodiversity, climate, soil, land degradation as well as socio-economic challenges, especially in rural areas. The European Commission’s proposal for the CAP post-2020 allows the Member States to choose a low-ambition implementation. With a new Parliament and Commission, the reform process has now restarted. It is, therefore, time to act on urgent challenges and address citizens’ demands for sustainable agriculture, using the full breadth of available scientific knowledge. Concerned about attempts to dilute the environmental ambition of the future CAP, the European Mammal Foundation, together with other European species NGOs, urge the European Parliament to act on the science and undertake a far-reaching reform of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) without delay.

Roe deer with cow (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)

What Europe needs is nature-inclusive agriculture (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda)

The signees encourage the EU to be at the forefront of nature-inclusive agriculture and propose reforming the CAP so that this huge subsidy pot makes an important contribution to this.


You can download the letter here: Open letter to the European Parliament

If you are a scientist and you share the concerns about agricultural sustainability and the role of the CAP, you can become a signatory to support the call for an evidence-based, future-proof CAP through this website: CAP scientists statement

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