First Mouse-tailed dormice radio-tagged

Roach's Mouse-tailed dormouse (Myomimus roachi) radio tagged (Photo: Nedko Nedyalkov)

Since its rediscovery in 2017, The Habitat Foundation supports the research and conservation of Roach’s Mouse-tailed dormouse (Myomimus roachi) in Bulgaria. In the area where the dormouse was found, we placed nest boxes, live traps and wildlife cameras. In the past five years, we learned a lot about the biology and population dynamics of the species (see for example ‘A lazy dormouse‘).

To learn more about the hidden life of this elusive and rare dormouse we started a radio-tracking survey. Two young dormice (born this year), a male and a female, received radio collars. The dormice were released in the same place where they were captured, and their location is checked every hour between sunset and sunrise. Our team hopes to collect new crucial information about the species’ home range, habitat preferences, circadian activity, daily resting places etc. We will keep you posted about the results of the fieldwork.

Hendrik Queckenstedt (Photo: Nedko Nedyalkov)

The radio collars are provided by Holohil Systems (Canada) through their Holohil Grant Program. The survey is conducted by Hendrik Queckenstedt (a student at Dresden University) and Nedko Nedyalkov. It would not be possible without the help of Sven Buchner of the Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen.

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