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Red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) (Photo: Yves Adams / Vilda).

Yves Adams / Vilda

A quarter of the 202 terrestrial mammals in Europe are threatened or nearly threatened. More than a quarter (27%) of them have declining populations, 32% are stable, and 33% are of unknown population trend. Distribution, occurrence and trend information, supported with reliable field data, particularly on small mammals, in Eastern and South-eastern Europe is absent, in Western Europe it is incomplete. The knowledge and capacities to study and monitor the mammals in Europe are far from optimal.
Europe still struggles with political, demographic and economic challenges. Biodiversity research and protection is recognized as an important item but is not among the priorities. Strong lobby groups influence the attention on the biodiversity study and protection.

Capacities to study and monitor mammals need to be built. Up-to-date information, equipment, and skills are of crucial importance to learn more about the mammals. A better knowledge on distribution, density, and population trends will enable us to protect species and  their populations better.


Sustainably preserved mammal populations and species diversity in Europe.

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  • Improved awareness about mammal conservation among the wide public;
  • Established strong community of mammal researchers and conservationists in Europe;
  • Enhanced advocacy and conservation work.

More knowledge – More people involved – Better equipped

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